Amsterdam – The Most Sizzling Honeymoon Destination

The capital of the Kingdom of Netherlands, Amsterdam, is truly a magical place. It is a beautiful city which is more or less free from traffic jams. There are few vehicles which ply on the city streets leaving the beauty of the place undisturbed by pollution. This lack of vehicular transportation brings with it is own romantic mood as the city can be travelled on foot. Amsterdam is a popular destination for travelers and couples alike. It is one of the most visited places for honeymoon tours.

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Amsterdam – A brief synopsis

Amsterdam is one of those rare European cities which have maintained their cultural identity and preserved their historical heritage. There still persists that old world charm in all its glory. Amsterdam is a much more affordable option than other major European honeymoon destinations like Rome and Paris. Unfortunately, its reputation in the global market is somewhat marred by its drug laws which are lenient as well as the fact that there is a bustling red light district. Nonetheless, those places can be easily avoided and what remains is a cocktail of some of the most picturesque spots in Europe. The tourism market is on the rise in Amsterdam and the nicest part about is that the locals are very friendly and can speak English.


Things to do in Amsterdam

For an idyllic city, there are many things to do and see in Amsterdam.

  • The foodies will enjoy the various dishes available. There is De Kas which is located inside a glass conservatory. It is famous for the organically grown food items with the menu changing every night. A variety of other cuisines including Chinese and Spanish are available in restaurants across the city.
  • There a huge number of art museums strewn across the city. The Rembrandt House Museum is a must visit for art lovers. It showcases the place where the popular artist lived for almost 20 years and painted some of his enduring masterpieces. Other important museums include the Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum.
  • The Anne Frank House should be visited by all. It is dedicated to Anne Frank, the girl who wrote the inspirational diary whilst hiding from the Nazi persecution.
  • Heineken is a world famous manufacturer of beer and therefore one should take a tour at the Heineken Experience, a museum dedicated to the brewery of Heineken. Visitors can even sample the beer if they want.
  • The night scene is quite hip and happening. There are a number of pubs and bars located across the city. Paradiso is famous for its live music. Some other famous bars include Pollux and Vesper Bar.
  • Dylan Amsterdam is famous for its servings of High wine. They serve a fine selection of wines and food items to complement the wines. This occurs every day between 3 to 6 pm. Couples can book a table by the fireplace and indulge in a cozy romantic experience together.
  • Those wishing to go on a small trip can hop on a 2 hour train journey to Bruges in Belgium. Bruges is a city straight from the medieval ages. The place is incredibly romantic and the best part about it is that the streets are filled with chocolate shops.

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Unlike other popular honeymoon destinations of Europe, Amsterdam is quite affordable. The wide range of hotels translates into the fact that everyone will find an accommodation suited to one’s budget. The entertainment and food costs are quite cheap when compared to that of other European capital like Paris. A couple on a honeymoon will find lots of romantic things to do that are easy on the pocket as well.

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