A Sneak Peek into the Future of the Internet

The internet has been active for a few decades now and it has been rapidly evolving ever since. It has transformed from being a basic tool of search and emails to a powerful platform than provides answers and opportunities. The evolution hasn’t stopped, as the internet is evolving every minute of every day. As much as the evolution of the internet is advantageous, the possibilities of bad effects are also high. To predict the future of the internet by the year 2025, various surveys have been held. The answers are from experts as well as normal users. The predictions seem to have positivity and negativity to them.

High Speed Transmissions:

A survey regarding the future of the internet was held in various parts of the world. The answers had an undercurrent of hope as well as fear. Hope for the betterment of human lives and fear for the possibilities of danger. One of the top most predictions is that the future will transform from high speed internet to super speed internet. The data transmission speed will be as high as the speed of writing 400 DVDs in seconds. The transmission details were explained by the Bells Lab. The possibility of downloading a movie in a matter of seconds and playing cloud games without any interruptions due to the connectivity have been predicted in the survey. Also, the prices for high speed internet were predicted to come down drastically, thus making it available for everyone around the globe. This will encourage and foster connectivity and discard ignorance from the minds of people.

high speed

Merging several Lives:

The survey conducted by the Elon University among 1500 residents came up with numerous results and predictions, most of which were political. Internet shall be called as “uber” net in the future. Governments all over the world may be forced to become transparent, with details on the internet for everyone to see. It also concluded that information sharing over the internet will be made very easy that it will blend into our lives and become almost invisible, flowing like electricity in our lives.

Wearable devices:

Also, the rise of new nations with shared interests has been predicted. The internet will no longer be a useful tool for life. It will be the lifestyle for the future generations to come. Everything that was done physically might be available on the internet. The internet never sleeps and so will the users. The use of wearable devices will be high. The present trend in wearable devices- “Google glass” will set the way for many more wearable devices in the future. Internet is predicted to produce devices that help an individual stay connected to the internet at all times and thus helping him to carry out day to day chores of life. Thus the evolution of wearable devices will be in such a way that they might become very common like wrist watches.


Learn the “Uber”net way:

Education over the internet will take a whole new turn. The concept of bringing all the knowledge and information to the internet will be encouraged so that the right person in any part of the world will have access to it and will be able to benefit from it. Standing in the queues of the library or book store will no longer be necessary as all the contents will be on the internet. Also, the amount of time and resources spent on real estate for schools and colleges will be brought down as e-learning takes its place.

e learning

The downside:

Some surveys have the prediction that the future might hold opportunities to express talents but never the opportunity to benefit from it. On the whole, the context of the predictions is:

• Better internet speed and connectivity all over the world.
• Promotion in wearable devices becoming a part of life.
• Education made easy and affordable.
• Privacy will be intruded very easily and the governments shall increase their surveillance.

As the advantages increase and multiply, so will the problems of cyber bullying and spamming. Predictions state that the increase in connectivity will risk the privacy of individuals. At one point, privacy shall be a luxury.

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