LEAFCOIN – A Crypto-Currency to drive the new Green Revolution

Here are a couple of statistics that will make you chew your nails off. Every year, forests the size of Panama are being cleared off all trees! Also, as much as 15% of the global warming problem is accounted for by the massive deforestation that’s plaguing the Earth in the present times. Whereas most of us are at absolute loss of words in terms of what can help in salvaging the situation, there are individuals and organizations such as LEAF that are catalyzing a wave of innovation in order to help. LEAF coinis a decentralized, peer to peer, open source, and super-fast crypto-currency that’s doing precisely this.


Interested? Here’s more on how LEAF coin is the new Green Revolution!

Sending money is now just a matter of a few clicks, actually – When was the last time you wanted some money urgently, but had to wait just because there was no banking activity going on at the time of emergency! Well, you might as well forget ever needing the banks to be working again for affecting quick transactions, when you have the LEAF client; you can send and receive money as quickly as you send and receive emails. Truly, it doesn’t get simpler or faster than this. Your LEAFCOIN client comes to you with an address which you can use to send and receive the crypto-currency. This means that you can send your LEAF coins to anybody, anywhere in the world, at anytime. Moreover, the transactions will be confirmed within a few moments from the time of sending.

How does it help the environment?

That’s the million dollar question. Well, the LEAFCOIN Foundation is dedicatedly working towards creating more awareness about this LEAF currency. People can donate LEAF coins to the foundation by simply sending them from their LEAF wallet. The collected LEAF’s are converted to fiat money e.g. USD or euro’s to fund organizations and foundations that are dedicatedly working towards reforestation of rainforests. This foundation is already partnering the World Wildlife Fund in order to enable the organization into effectively working towards its aim of implementing massive reforestation projects involving sustainable farming practices in rainforests.


Collaborations with other environment protection focused organizations, governments and companies are made to reward the use of LEAF coins – Till the time there is a strong impetus for the usage of LEAF coins such as an online shopping portals, the LEAF community will certainly be targeting collaborative ventures with other agencies and organizations in order to incentivize the usage of this crypto-currency. In such collaborations, making payments with LEAF coins could be linked towards the receiving company contributing a certain sum to an activity aiming at improving environmental health. Such fee to foundation structures are already being thought upon by the core LEAF coin team, and could be seen implemented pretty soon.

The technical aspects of LEAF coin

Decentralized, mathematically managed, and capped – Like many other crypto-currency systems, the LEAFCOIN universe is decentralized. This makes it along the lines of the iconic Bitcoin virtual currency system. Moreover, the decentralized nature means that there will be more financial products and arrangements using LEAF coins in the near future, which is bound to point towards the investment prospects of these coins. The distribution and transaction of LEAF coins is being managed through complex mathematical algorithms. In addition to all this, you might also want to chew over the fact that despite more LEAFs being mined every minute, the total circulation of this crypto-currency will remain capped at 21 billion.

No intermediaries; be the banker yourself – There are so many payment methods and frameworks that involve intermediaries like merchants and banks. However, LEAFCOIN works without the requirement of any such intermediaries, and hence gives you the complete flexibility with LEAF coins.

Here’s more on how LEAF coin could touch your life in the near future:-

Full-fledged online selling and purchasing portals that accept LEAF coins – As farfetched a thought it might seem today, it really would not be tough for the vibrant LEAFcoin community to scale up quickly and move on to being recognized as an accepted means of transacting online. Considering the fact that cyber currencies like Bitcoins are already making waves, this might not be too farfetched after all. In addition to this, the LEAF coin community is also working on developing its very own Ebay like portal where sellers and purchasers would be able to exchange LEAF coins rather than having to deal with real money. This will certainly be a shiny and smart feather in the LEAF coin team’s hat.

Mobile ready LEAF wallets – Mobile devices are really making their presence felt in terms of the contribution to eCommerce and access to other web applications. Already the LEAF devs have launched a mobile ready LEAF android wallet that helps environment enthusiasts to manage their ‘green’ currency better. Also, this isto be a logical extension to the eCommerce oriented possibilities discussed above.

If you want to acquire information on how to get involved in LEAFor also want to support the goals of the LEAF foundation; then you are welcome you to visit the leaf coin website or the leaf coin forum.

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  • Lukasz March 18, 2014, 9:14 pm

    Very good article. Crypto-currency “eating” so much electricity. We need do something for earth – LeafCoin want to do it – reforestation is the way to help our planet.

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