What’s being done to prevent deforestation?

Suffocated environment, naked and barren patches of land, extinct species, and violated human rights – these are just a few of the several frightening faces of deforestation. Just like the problem, the efforts being made to bring about a change are not new, and have been around for some time now. But for the organizations and individuals who have kept the fight alive for several years now, we would certainly have lost an even bigger percentage of the global forest cover. Here, we bring to the fore the efforts that are being, or can be done in order to make the anti deforestation wave a success.

Corporate action oriented towards salvaging the dilapidating forest cover

Bea B. Espinosa, in her article about the World’s Greenest Companies, tells how some companies have long been associated with environment friendly initiatives.

IBM – Having been a loyal environment friendly business company right from 1971, a time when the need for corporate to take the eco friendly routes was not even evident, IBM is certainly the first name to come out in any discussion about mammoth companies doing their bit about environment. IBM has always been in the thick of things in terms of being awarded for environmental initiatives. Moreover, its Smarter Planet initiative is widely promoting environment friendly choices among consumers.


Volkswagen- Automobile manufacturing units have long been nefarious for being a heavy load on the forest cover of the Earth. Volkswagen has certainly done its bit to salvage some respect. With its several eco friendly initiatives, this company is doing a lot to promote the cause of environmental health and safety.

Apart from being active participants in vast scale measures for preventing deforestation, companies can choose to introduce zero deforestation policies for their suppliers, which will promote several small and medium sized businesses to begin producing commodities in a manner that is sustainable from an environmental health standpoint. Companies that really wish to curb down the drive to cut more trees for producing more paper and other forest products by endorsing strict certification standards such as the ones laid by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Politically empowered moves towards healthier environment through minimum deforestation

It is important that the awareness drives and environmental literacy efforts by companies and non government organizations be matched with strict and stringent laws that address the deforestation problems of today. Governments are working towards signing common treaties that lay down rules regarding the kind of forest products that can be traded between countries freely, in an attempt to lock out deforestation activities carried out in remote village close to inter-state and inter country borders. Apart from this, there are international level funds and committees for nations committed towards curbing out deforestation and protecting their forest covers. ‘Forests for Climate’ is one such fund wherein the member countries pledge to protect their forests and receive funding to sponsor efforts towards these aims. Such funds are providing massive incentives for developing countries to jump on to the anti-deforestation bandwagon. In addition to this, governments can deter illegal forest clearing operations by implementing stringent anti deforestation laws. The 2007 Farm Bill in US is a perfect example of such a law.

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Efforts being promoted at individual level

It goes without saying that the anti deforestation movement is bound to fall flat if the calls and cries do not percolate down to the level of every individual. There’s so much that an ordinary human can do to sustain the drive against deforestation. With so many dedicated organizations working towards enhancement of forest cover, such as GreenPeace, there are several ways in which one can contribute towards a greener Earth. Then, a massive change can be made by moving towards products from companies that follow eco friendly manufacturing and operational processes. In addition to this, one can participate in tree plantation drives, and contribute financially towards letting forest conservation organizations to their best.

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