Google Glass going the style way – Oakley, Ray-Ban and more

To anyone looking at a person wearing a Google glass, for the first time, it may seem as if the person is a very weirdly dressed character from the Star trek series. Scanning, photographing, recording and communicating through the futuristic eyewear, these so called ‘explorers’ have been quite the center of attraction lately. But now with Google’s collaboration with the eyewear giant Luxottica, explorers need no longer look as if they just exited from a spaceship, they can actually start to look pretty stylish as well. And with Google’s assurance of producing more glasses with this new partnership, explorers also needn’t to feel like they are all left alone, as they are soon to have company.


The Glass Revolution

Google has long been the innovator and leader, since the dawn of the internet era. So it’s no surprise that such a technology has come from them. Developed by the most creative minds of the Google fraternity, the Google glass enables the user to take control of the most powerful search engine with just an eye blink. It allows the user to take pictures, record videos, access emails, chat with friends, send text messages, view the weather report and time, see which direction to take to get to the destination and infinitely more other functionality through the harmlessly transparent lenses. And that’s not it, Google assures to expand the functionality even more in the coming months.


Glass on demand

Google glass sounds amazing no matter which way one looks at it from. But there is a catch; one cannot get hold of the Google Glass unless Google decides the person is worthy enough to get it. So you really can’t get to the eyewear store and get these wearable innovations right away. You just have to apply for it and wait, till Google deems you fit as an explorer. But as one can see, this trend can’t really survive for long, as almost everyone wants their very own Glass, which is probably why the new partnership with Luxottica has been signed.

Who is Luxottica?

Luxottica is the single largest owner of all the major eyewear brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley’s, Oliver peoples and much more. They are both the oldest and the most exotic manufacturers of eyewear, and have been making designer eye wear since 13th century. So there you have it, the giants in the eyewear industry, and the leader of information technology – you really don’t have to be Einstein to figure out how the end product is going to be. With this partnership, Google has promised current and future explorers that they will have much more options to choose from than the current retro Star-trek titanium model. It is highly doubtful as to whether the large bulk on the right side of the frame will disappear or not, but at least it won’t look so geeky now with the inclusion of Luxottica.


What to expect?

Well, as the officials at Google have clearly stated that this partnership doesn’t exactly mean that the Google glass can be found in eyewear boutiques the day after, it’s really no point getting all excited about. One still has to go through the excruciating waiting till google accepts the application for becoming an explorer. But one thing can be assured, now that Google has joined hands with the leaders in eyewear manufacturers, you can expect the process to be much faster and the probability of getting a glass as much higher. Also since the Luxottica brand name is almost exclusively synonymous with style you can expect a great style package for the $1500 paid as well.

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