5 probable theories that could explain the disappearance of Malaysia Flight MH370

The disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines MH370, though tragic in every sense of the word, has become one of the most baffling mysteries in Aviation history. Even with the most top notch tracking devices and satellite navigation systems, researchers are yet to produce a concrete theory on what could have happened to the flight or at least where it would have crash landed after its take-off on March 8th. Though hundreds of wild theories ranging from molecular disintegration of the entire flight to alien abduction have been suggested, none of them seem to fit the puzzle closely enough. But of the entire lot, certain theories do look reasonable and those are which that are stated here.

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5. Pilot death

Though the first angle of investigation was in the perspective of a terrorist organization’s hand in the plane’s abnormal disappearance, concerns were also looming around the credibility of the pilots. And certain events that happened onboard suggest that the plane went missing not due to any error but due to deliberate human actions. The theory is supported by the fact that both the transponder and the Aircraft communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) were shut down manually shortly after takeoff. And the 14 minute delay between the systems shutdown and the 200 hour flight before reportedly crashing into the ocean, suggest that the pilot might have committed suicide and might have taken all his co-passengers along with him.


4. Political motive

One of the pilots of the flight MH370 – Fariq Abdul Hamid was later found to be an ardent supporter of the recently overthrown opposition government. So concerns have also been raised that this could have been hijack fueled by political motive by the pilots themselves. Also the well maneuvered flight path taken by whoever piloted the plane, and the accurate flight comprising all the radar gaps along the Malaysian commercial radar, suggest the hands of the pilots in the mystery of the missing flight.

3. Wanton terror attack

Probably the first thought that came up in almost everyone’s mind as soon as the plane was lost was 9/11. The US kept its jet fighter on red alert and other nations prepared for an imminent attack on the central cities after the plane was hijacked. Though no terrorist organization have taken responsibility for the hijack of the plane, officials are still refusing to wash down the idea of a terrorist group’s involvement. Also the sighting of the Palestinian illegal immigrants boarding the plane with fake passports through the airport cameras, only add to strengthen the theory further.

2. Hijacked for future use

The flight’s final sighting by a commercial satellite suggests that the flight could have taken a northern or southern route. Theorists believe that the flight could have easily escaped territorial radars and could have been taken to some part in Middle Eastern Asia region by terrorists, and could have stashed for future use as a weapon. Some others also suggest that the flight could also be hidden in one of the numerous islands of the Pacific Rim.


1. Hijacking mishap

The final and most probable theory that most analysts believe to be true is the one which suggests that the plane might have indeed been hijacked by terrorists. But due to lack of fuel or due to miscalculations or some other unforeseen reason, the hijackers would have lost control of the flight and would have crashed into the ocean. And the recent satellite imagery that shows flight debris in the Indian Ocean, confirms the flight crashed in the region. But whatever the theories suggested may be, after all these days, all hope of recovering the flight unharmed has been completely lost.

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