Oculus Rift Virtual Reality – 5 baffling applications that you never knew about

Virtual reality is not as farfetched a concept as one may think. For instance, ask any sophisticated gamer or a trainee pilot about the term and he will give a far better explanation than most scientists can. Really, that’s how far the virtual reality concept has permeated our lives. But now, the innovation leaders of the world such as Facebook, Google and NASA have taken a step further, and are actually focusing their resources to making virtual reality much more practical like the internet.


And the most recent progress in this transformation is the acquisition of Oculus Rift VR by Facebook. Oculus Rift is the leading manufacturer of virtual reality headsets for professional gaming and other scientific utilization. The headsets created by the company allow the users to feel and experience the environment as if they are actually present in it. And now with the acquisition of the company by Facebook, things have gotten only a lot more curious. So let’s take a look at what the Oculus rift company is capable of and the most baffling application that have already been achieved by the company.

5. Phantom pains no more

The most peculiar phenomena of phantom limb pain, experienced by amputees, has been the favored research area for virtual reality innovators. Since the phantom limb pain is entirely neurological, the virtual reality concept can be effectively utilized to deceive the brain and completely eliminate the prolonged episodes of torment suffered by the patients. Also the VR technology is being currently used to help people get used to controlling the prosthetic leg and also gain control over the parts of the body that have been paralyzed or weakened by strokes or other trauma.

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4. Through the eyes of a Martian

Ever wondered how it would feel to take a stroll down the red sands and the raggedy terrain of our neighboring planet – Mars? Well, don’t strain your imagination too much, because now with the oculus rift technology, you can actually stroll down, lie flat or dance in the virtual terrain of mars, right from where you are. Rendered with the images sent by the rover missions, the virtual reality headsets capture your motions and enable you to see the planet as if you’re really on it.

3. The human body in Virtual space

Bio-engineering is another field where virtual reality has made great strides in. Today, with just a pair of oculus rift goggles, neurologist and neurosurgeons can look into your brain and see how the brain reacts to various stimulations and emotions. So in the near future, the most challenging problems faced by neurologists in curing mentally ill patients will become as diagnosable as curing a common cold with the help of the Oculus rift VR technology.

2. Diagnosis of PTSD

Virtual reality can be really advantageous when helping chronic PTSD patients to face their fears and confront their negative recurring memories and resolve them. At present, the Oculus rift virtual reality technology is being used by the military to help war veterans recover from the posttraumatic stress disorder by putting them back in the tense situations in the virtual world, so as to help them get control over their emotions and confront their fears. Soon we can expect the same technology to be utilized to diagnose other forms of PTSDs as well.

1. Trained to perfection

Ever felt like you’re ready to even get deployed in a real battlefield after playing a first person shooter virtual reality video game? Well, if you ever did, then you should probably signup for the army, because that’s how the US military trains its soldiers anyway. With helmets fitted with advanced oculus rift headsets, the virtual world is where the current boot camps of the military take place. So if you’re really into it, it’s not actually a bad idea to take a shot at it.


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