Beyond the grandeur of Lake Titicaca – Breathtaking Bolivia

Amidst the towering peaks and intractable terrain of the Andes and beyond the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Titicaca lies a paradise largely left undiscovered by the conventional tourists of the modern day. A place where markets fill the streets, colors fill the terrain and traditions have survived for centuries, a place like none another – Bolivia. Landlocked in the South American continent, this ancient region derives its rich heritage from the time of the Incas. With its ever diverse geographical features and equally varied populace, Bolivia is easily one of the best places to visit to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

Landing amidst the peaks

The easiest way to reach Bolivia is by air. A flight to La Paz, the de facto capital of the country, will take you right into the middle of all the action. Located at an altitude 4000m, the La Paz airport is one of the highest airports in the world. In fact, the place is so high, that some flights actually increase altitude prior to landing. Setting down amidst towering peaks of the Andes, and the magnificent Lake Titicaca, you will already begin to see why this place is so different from every other region in the world. From air, the terrain of Bolivia looks like a landscape painting carefully crafted by a creative hand from end to end. That’s how perfectly varied the geography of the place is; truly descending to Bolivia is nothing short of descent into heaven. You just have to be in air to see it.


Streets made of markets

Bolivia has innumerable places to visit and explore, but for starters the best place to begin is from the streets of La Paz itself. Backed by a magnificent view of the towering mountains and lined on both sides with white colonial style buildings, the streets of La Paz are by default the best places to head for a stroll. But for the adventurous traveler, the streets have a lot more to offer than just picturesque views. From handmade designer wear shops to mouthwatering fast food local restaurants, the streets of La Paz are always alive with some of the most colorful and rather unique shopping outlets in the world. The most interesting of these streets is the witches’ market region. From grotesque ritual idols made from real animal parts to oils extracted from places you wouldn’t even imagine about, the Witches’ market sure is one place you just can’t afford to miss out.


The White terrains of Uyuni

Bolivia is quite famous for its salt flats found in the Uyuni region. So any trip to the country would be incomplete without a visit to them. Located amidst the desert, the salt flats are a natural oddity that expands as far as light can reach. Strikingly glaring even from a distance, the salt flats can be easily mistaken for a lake. Though exploring the salt flats is not a wise thing to do, admiring it from a distance as the day passes by might just be one of the best things you could ever do in your life. Visit the luxurious salt hotel located at the edge of the flats and enjoy a day’s stay blankly staring the white terrain in the front to dawn to dusk. It will definitely be a day to remember.

Bolivia 2


With its rich cultural heritage and a mysterious historical background, Bolivia has no shortage of historical monuments and places of interest to visit. But the best of them all is without a doubt, is Tiwanaku. Built almost a thousand years ago, Tiwanaku used to be the center of a once bustling city. Featuring mysterious gateways, monuments, statues and architectural puzzles, the remnants of the place have something to offer to everyone. Till today, researchers haven’t come up with a convincing solution to prove how the place could have been built and how they could have achieved such mastery at such a primitive age. So if you’re someone interested in ancient mysteries and historical puzzles, this is the perfect place for you to be. So go ahead, explore the Bolivia yourself experience adventure like never before.


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