5 People who’ve proven that cancer can be conquered

A survivor not a victim

A cancer survivor is anyone who has been a victim of any kind of Cancer. With around nine types of Cancer around the globe every one out of five people is a victim of this cruel disease. It is not an easy battle with countless dying from this ailment; it’s very natural to feel scared. But over time quite a few courageous people have shown that Cancer can be conquered. Being diagnosed with Cancer does not mean you will die for sure. There are chances that medication and a lot of will power and love can defeat Cancer.

Following is a list of 5 people who have stood face to face with Cancer and have survived to become an inspiration for all the people in the globe.

1. Mark Ciccarelli


Being diagnosed with Hodgkins disease when he turned nine, Mark tried his best to make sure that it was not the end. He tried to smile and believe that one day he will be cancer free. Because of all the Camo and radiation therapies he missed school a lot. There would be times when he would go out to play kickball while being hooked to the catheter, to believe he was a normal kid also to ensure that his loved ones believed that he was all right.
Now he is 26 years old and works as a financial advisor.

2. Gary Johnson


When Gary went in for surgery to remove a cancerous prostate. He found out that the cancer had already spread to his lymph nodes. He is in treatment presently to control his cancer cells. This is all he can do since his condition is terminal. But instead of worrying he and his wife started being Proactive. They gathered people to form a support system for others. He is also living healthy and happily while finding ways to manage his stress.

3. Staci Wright


In eighth grade Staci was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma which is a type of bone cancer. After having headaches for quite some time it was confirmed. Her skull had been infected. With 10 months of chemotherapy and 5 weeks of radiation she felt lost. But the support of her loved ones got her going. Especially since the fact that she lost all her hair during that time. She recalls it was really hard going to school I didn’t want anyone to see me. But she got through all of the painful times and has been living a healthy life ever since being cleared.

4. Mathew Zachary


With ambitions of becoming a Hollywood composer Mathew started playing the piano when he was 11 years old. In 1995 he began to lose his motor coordination in his left brain, forcing him to give up his musical career. Matt had brain surgery and went through radiation but refused to subject to chemotherapy since he believed music was his anchor and he would not give it up. He made a point to sit down at the piano even if for a few minutes a day. After the treatment he felt angry as to why there were no support groups or internet resources for people like him. He founded the ‘I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation.’ To help survivors if their 20s and 30s to find meaning.

5. Ben Moon


After being suggested to get a colonoscopy by a nurse practitioner Moon was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. An avid photographer, climber and surfer it was really hard for him to go through such an experience in his late 20s. After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, he went through surgery to remove his rectum, leaving him with a colostomy.

‘It was really hard to go through such a change at that age,’ he says. He started rock climbing again just weeks after his surgery to test his new limits. Now 36 Ben is working with a company that makes Ostomy supplies helping them improve their product so that people can find confidence if they go through such a dark time.

These are survivors who have not only conquered Cancer but also became an inspiration to many. So just remember that no time is so dark that there can be no light. All it takes is a strong will, care and love.

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