Amazon smartphone around the corner?

Amazon has long dominated the online shopping industry with its innovative products and unbeatable service, winning customers all over the globe. Though it has not been a prominent contributor in the electronics industry, it has always made its presence felt with its unique kindle readers. But now, with the smartphone market growing ever so popular and with the newly released iPhones and Android tabs getting ahead by light years in terms of technology and functionality against the Amazon Fire Tablets, Amazon has finally decided to roll up its sleeves and jump into the battle.


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For long, rumours of this secret protégé of Amazon have been doing the rounds on the internet. But none of them were acknowledged or backed by the company. But the most trusted harbingers of electronic news in the web – BGR have now come up with photo proof of this new phone’s existence. So is this the actual Amazon phone that’s going to hit the market? Is it really that good as the rumours have led us to believe? Is it here to stay or just going to line up behind the myriad of other smartphones in the market? Let’s take a closer look.

The News

The first official news about the phone came from none other than the Wall street journal which stated the official release of the phone will be announced by Amazon in June and the phone would be available for purchase by the end of the third quarter. Though this is very little to gain any useful insight from, one thing was made certain – we can definitely expect a smartphone from the online retail giant. But the more detailed news, with concrete evidence, was provided by BGR who have previously been dead accurate in decoding all other Amazon’s secret projects such as the Fire Tablet and the Amazon Fire TV. So let’s see what the phone is all about.


The Specs

The phone is expected to be released in two versions, but more on that later, let’s take a look under the hood first. The phone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processer and is expected to have minimum of 2GB of RAM. The operating system to be used will be much similar to the ones used by the Fire tablets but with plenty of other added functionalities. The operating system will be provided by google. The size of the phone may not as large as the other phones in the market; the phone will just measure 4.7” end to end diagonally. But of course these are not the specs for which Amazon has been working undercover; it’s for something entirely new.

Amazon Smartphone view

Glassless 3D Interface

Yes, that’s exactly why Amazon took its sweet time to even start talking about the phone. The first smartphone from the company will feature an interactive 3D interface that can be viewed without the requirement of any special glasses. The functionality is supposedly activated by the 4 cameras located on the frontal face of the phone, this creates a 3D illusion on the face of the phone enabling you to use applications and even see wallpapers in three dimensions. So, even though the phone only features a 720p display, this feature should give all other major phone displays a run for their money.

Amazon Smartphone 3d

How does the phone fare against the rest?

It is actually a pretty tricky question, as we haven’t seen the phone is action as of yet. But one thing is for sure; the 3D interface variant of the phone is going to be truly unique product on the market and will have its own set of loyal customers just like the kindle. Also Amazon has assured a very competitive pricing of the product. Now add that to Amazon’s well reputed service backup and dominance in the market, you get a product that’s going to be a hit almost instantaneously. And with all the tech specs comparing well with the other major names in the industry, the phone is definitely going to be a head turner.

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