How to divert your mind from pain?

Pain relates to a sensation which hurts in medical terms. Feelings of discomfort, distress and agony are all relatable feelings when someone is feeling pain. There are many types of pain for instance a steady and constant one can be called an ache. It can be a pulsating or a throbbing pain. There are medications to relieve someone of this discomfort called pain killers but they could have particular side effects like addiction. Its advisable that you do not take them or even better not use them as there are ways to relieve pain by other means.

How to ignore pain?

Firstly pain can be reduced with will power. No, this does not mean that you will ignore the pain completely and suffer in silence. It just means that you can muster the will power to drive through pain. This allows a sense of accomplishment. With a steady treatment of the particular condition, the disease can be cured. This allows your body and mind to be stronger and avoids the use of pain killers. It will hurt if you think about it, so why not just let go and focus more on the task at hand? Keeping yourself busy is a great way to overcome pain and the feeling of discomfort. Do not do work which will focus on the part of the body which is aching. For example, reading a book or watching a movie, even writing makes you think about something else and that ensures that your brain is more focused on the work you are doing. You have to realize the method of escapism is different from person to person. While one may find reading to be a good source of ignoring pain others may find that is not the case at all. It all comes down to what you truly enjoy and find relaxing. Video games are also a good way to ignore the sensation. This allows you to not focus on the pain and the discomfort lessens.

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Ways to reduce the pain

Lying down in a quite and comfortable place helps in relaxing the mind which in turn helps you relax and ignore the sensation of pain. Keeping your breathing in check is also a vital factor to reduce pain. When hurt we tend to breath rapidly and shallowly. Do not do that, instead take slow and deep breaths. Try to focus on nothing but inhalation and exhalation. Being able to understand you are in control helps you prevent pain from controlling you. One more thing which happens due to deep breathing is that the muscle relaxation occurs. It’s quite hard to not move about and stay still but its necessary to relax your body and keep taking deep breaths. Understanding that the pain is just a signal from the brain telling you that some damage has occurred in your body is necessary. It can be suppressed. Instead of letting your brain convince you that you are in agony convince it that it’s wrong. The brain is very suggestible and it will work. If you believe it, it is bound to work. Imagining the pain filled area to be layered with something cool and soothing also helps in reducing the agitation and ensures that pain is subdued.

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Control pain medication

First and foremost pain medication is addictive. So before you opt for one make sure you visit a doctor who will prescribe you a certain dosage and type. This ensures you getting relief but not get dependant. Other side effects of pain killers include drowsiness, dizziness, depression and constipation. Pain killers should never be given to small children unless it is absolutely necessary. Do not use pain killers just because you have some. It’s vital to know your threshold, to know that your will power is stronger than pain killers.

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The most important thing about reducing pain is making sure you have the will to withstand and deny pain. Since pain are just signals from your brains. Always remember that it is changeable.

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