Google Cube- Six Sided Storytelling

Google, other than being one of the most heavily relied on search engine, has proven to be quite the innovator in the internet-dominated global market. From the much hyped Google Glass to the interesting as well as educational doodles, Google has always been inclined towards the concept of technological growth and expansion, rather than towards plain old commercialism. Once again, this corporate giant has amazed us all by introducing six-sided storytelling with its brand new product, the Google Cube.

What is the Google Cube?

The new Google Cube, officially termed “The Cube”, has brought about a drastic evolution in the way we experience videos. The geniuses at the Google Create Lab have built “The Cube” so as to allow directors and other visual media entrepreneurs to convey a six-sided tale to their audiences by projecting visual media from the Internet onto all six sides of “The Cube”, all at once.


Origin of “The Cube”

The notion for the Google Cube was initially conceived at the Google Creative Lab, located in Sydney, the year before. It was hailed to be a pioneer in the field of modern technology as well as storytelling. The Herculean task of bringing this idea to life was assigned to Steve Ayson and Damien Shatford, the directors chosen by Google and Semi-Permanent. Tom Uglow, a Creative Director for Google hopes that “The Cube” will gradually find its calling not only to artists, but for people from all walks of life.

How is “The Cube” to be used?

The product was finally made public at the Semi-Permanent event, a creative festival hosted at Sydney, Australia, where trial runs were displayed. Testers were to maneuver a rather large cube, which appeared onscreen. The product was flipped time and again to showcase a special type of film, designed particularly for the purpose of presenting the new method of storytelling through “The Cube”.


“The Cube” in the Commercial Market

In the commercial market, users will be able to control it through a relatively smaller cube, which will consequently result in the larger virtual cube portraying the very same degree of movement. Since the audio is directly linked to the motion of “The Cube”, the sounds originating from the side being viewed shall solely be heard. However, the working of “The Cube” depends on the Internet. Its technology is, however, being considered by Google to be released to creators in the near future via “sandbox apps”.

Special Features of “The Cube”

“The Cube” has been successful in generating quite a lot of buzz in the web technology market. Due to its never seen before technology, the product is frequently in new. Here are a few salient features of the much discussed Cube:

  • The idea of exchanging our two dimensional rectangular box for a one dimensional 3D cube is rather appealing. With easy controlling techniques and simultaneous six sided video viewing, “The Cube” promises everything we ever experienced while viewing videos and a whole lot more.
  • With six different plots unraveling on six different screens, visual media has never been this interesting. The viewer can now practically edit the storyline and choose what to watch and when to watch. Moreover, the audio is connected to the motion and so, only the sounds from the side being watched is heard.
  • “The Cube”, with a complex technology, is actually rather easy to handle. You control it through a small, handheld cork cube, whilst the larger virtual one replicates the exact same movement. This technology is soon going to see commercial release in the form of “sandbox apps”.


Google has never failed to surprise its followers. The multinational web tech giant has constantly entertained the eager audience with its regular streaming supply of wonderful innovative services and products. “The Cube” has not disappointed either. It brings a whole new era to the modern version of storytelling and changes the way we look at visual media completely. All in all, it can be nothing less than a great buy.

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