5 lesser known yet unforgettable European vacations

With the summer approaching the pressure of finding the perfect vacation spot for your family mounts as well. It has been a fancy trend for a couple of years now to spend the holidays in Europe. But Italy, France and Spain are always swarming with tourists. In spite of their luscious beauty there places have become crowded, clamped and not to mention overpriced. Also there is a fair chance; you have already been to either one or all of these places. So here we bring to you, a few of Europe’s gems that have not been as exploited and stand blemish-free till date.

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania, Romania

From the legends of the dreadful count Dracula to the adorable Disney venture this place has been visited and revisited a number of times in literature and movies. it has been imparted a sinister air in the literature thanks to the stories about the blood sucking horror, but that can actually add the perfect element of mystery and chill to your otherwise bland holiday. This “Land Beyond Forests” is old and its heritage is rich with the years this Romanian city has witnessed. Beyond the charm of mystery and secrets this is also a home to several amazing tourist and thermal resorts. Many archeological digs have been performed in and around town; Tartaria is one such place where many clay plates which date back to the Iron Age were discovered.

Kvarner Islands, Croatia

Kvarner Islands, Croatia

Located 430 miles off the coast of Montenegro the Kvarner Islands stand like a patch of emerald surrounded by the sapphire sea. It is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches that are surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. The pure gold beach is framed by thick green forest that makes it a welcome site for all hoping for a grand, relaxed vacation. Excitement and relaxation, any quest can be fulfilled at the Kvarner Beaches. Go speed-boating or simply soak in the sun, a memorable holiday is guaranteed here.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Servia

Serbia does not generally pop up in the list of common European vacation spots, however, the treasures this country holds is not just a few. The “White Town” was once better known as the ‘door to central Europe’. Surrounded by a number of farms that offer you the scope to live a life on the farm for a few weeks. It is exhausting and exhilarating at the very same time. It is bound to be a gala time for the kids as well as the elders of the family. Belgrade especially is a city surrounded by farms and agriculture. For a more romantic and relaxed vacation one should opt for the region south of Danube. This is sprawled with green vineyards and orchards. The historical landmarks like the remnants of the Belgrade Fortress make for fine “field trips” in and around town. Belgrade owing to its happening past bears a number of testimonies of history surrounding the city.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This is another of the lesser known gems of Europe. Ljubljana is a petit princess with a crown of castles and emerald green rivers. Over the years, Ljubljana has been the nexus of culture and old-fashioned fun. It is Slovenia’s economic and cultural capital and once you set foot on this ‘beloved’ land you will know why. The most interesting is the city’s thriving student community and the alternative lifestyle centers. Taking a stroll among the old, legendary streets is a treat where you see busting yet quaint road side cafes claim the sidewalks. You can choose to spend your afternoons in one of these beautiful cafes or visiting the Ljubljana castle or you can sample the many public squares and plazas that are a thriving proof of Ljubljana’s amazing architectural aesthetics.

Brno, Czech Republic


From squares and plazas, castles and churches to cabbage markets you can find anything and everything to make your vacation a memorable and unique one a Brno. This is the underdog of European travelling. It is said, people go to find love at Brno during the summer months. It is a beautiful city, even more beautiful when lit up by the summer sun. in the early 1920’d Brno was regarded as the modern architectural centre of Europe and to uphold that reputation there are a number of architectural marvels strewn across the heart of the city. That includes the Church of St. James, Spilberk Castle, House of Four Mamlases and much more.

From house exchanging to living on a farm there are many feasible and understated holidays in Europe that are ready to make new memories. Who knows you might just end up with your own version of “The Holiday”.

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