Footballers use ice vests to warm up!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil kicks off on Thursday the 12th of June and to help the players cope up with the heat of playing for their respective countries in the heat of Brazil Adidas has launched its new range of adiPower pre – cooling vests and sleeves. The cooling vests will help the players adapt to the heat of Brazil and cope up with the fatigue that comes along with it.

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Who will be wearing it?

All the footballing federations who will don Adidas kits will exclusively get the adiPower pre – cooling vests and sleeves. The total number of adidas federations is nine which includes European heavyweights like Spain, Germany, and dark horses Bosnia and Herzegovina. The only representative from North America will be Mexico. While Columbia and Argentina represent the strong South American contingent. Russia and Japan are the nations from Asia that will receive the benefit of these cooling vests, while Nigeria is the sole African nation.

How was it tested?

The adiPower pre – cooling vests and sleeves were first tested on the German national football team and adidas was highly impressed by its results. So much so that it equipped all of the other eight federations with the kit. Apart from the German national team adidas has also tested the kit on several other players both professional and amateur and also on players who currently ply their trade in Brazil.

The vest is also being tested by the above mentioned countries in their pre-world cup friendlies and is being used by players in their respective training camps. Sources have also said that the vest could make its debut in the international friendlies and warm up matches that are taking place in the USA where the current temperatures and humidity levels are quite close to the ones which the players will be experiencing in Brazil.

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Why is it required?

The adiPower pre – cooling vests and sleeves are very important as most of the players who will be playing the tournament in Brazil play their club football in Europe or Asia where the temperatures are considerably lower. This cooling vest thus helps the players to adjust to their new surroundings and climate more easily.

How does it work?

This vest has been under development by adidas for many years now and has finally been completed to help players optimize their levels of performance even in extreme conditions.

  • Adidas has said that the adiPower pre – cooling vests and sleeves has been manufactured and designed is such a way such that it will help the players participating in Brazil to prepare for games in hot climates with high humidity levels.
  • The adiPower pre – cooling vests and sleeves will help the world class players to play efficiently even when the environmental temperatures soar above 24 degrees centigrade.
  • According to Adidas officials the adiPower pre – cooling vests and sleeves will achieve the above results by bringing about a reduction in body temperatures and delay in the the onset of fatigue induced by fatigue, the players at the showpiece event at Brazil will be wearing the adiPower pre – cooling vests and sleeves while they warm up before the match begins and also while they are getting into their stride during the halftime break.
  • The researchers and scientists at adidas have developed this highly advanced adiPower pre – cooling vests and sleeves by using a very highly sophisticated concept which “includes several hyper absorbent zones known as granule zones“.
  • The scientists at adidas have found out that upper back and lower arms are the principal areas which can cool the body efficiently and so have placed many hyper absorbent granule zones in these regions.
  • The sport and fitness giant has also stated that the adiPower pre-cooling sleeves and vests have been designed in such a manner so that no direct contact of ice with the body takes place.


The way in which these outfits are maintained at their optimum levels is also quite innovative; they will be stacked in freezer to keep a near freezing temperature for about twenty minutes. This in turn will help the players an appropriate cooling time while they are playing the game.

Whether the adiPower pre – cooling vests and sleeves while make an impact remains to be seen. However it is no doubt a great additional weapon for the world-class athletes who will be having this in their locker.

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