Top travel experiences that make your German vacation truly memorable

Since the Berlin wall was destroyed in 1989, Germany has been putting together its pieces of former glory and culture in aspiration to become one of top tourist spots of Europe. Not only is it famous among family vacationers, it is a heaven for backpacker as well owing to it rich art and heritage. One can bask in the renewed rich culture of the country. Here are a few details that will help to make your vacation in Germany a memorable one.

Enjoy your own chalet in the Alps

Wake up in the morning to the scenery of sun washed snow capped Alps from your bedroom. Rent your own Chalet near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, known as the heart of Alps. There are many such rental agencies which can make your dream come true. Arrange for a short hike on the beautiful and tranquil Alpine trails.

Chalet in the Alps

Baltic beach

Bask in the glorious sun on the Baltic beach. It is a Mecca for the Germans during the summer, the seacoast located to the north of the country is famous for among the travelers as well as the local people. It is an expanse of welcoming white sand, basking in the pure sunlight cordoned off by the ancient beech forests. Sail all the way to the Sylt islands with its beautiful small, stone cottages with sloping grass roofs that take you back to the medieval ages. This quaint island is famous among sailors and surfers who frequent it to rejoice in the tranquility of the place.

baltic Beach

Taste some wine

Although Germany is home to the Oktoberfest, beer is not the only staple drink of the Germans. Germany is another wine country of Europe, whose valleys produce the best white wines to allure the wine connoisseurs from around the world. The region is welcome and gorgeous throughout the year, however visiting during the fall can be a good idea when the leaves just start to change color and there is a distinct chill in the air. It is best to plan your own vineyard tour which may even include a few cooking lessons in addition to the regular wine tasting sessions.

Taste German Wine

Along the Berlin wall

Germany can boast of many scenic bike routes and tours, but none of them compare to the guided tour along the Berlin wall. This will carry you through the entire history of the country with the aid of the testimonies of the Cold War landmarks. Most notable of the sites, is the East Wall Gallery which is a blend of imposing watchtowers, modern sculptures, street art and communist manifestos that line the various buildings along the route.

Berlin Wall

World’s largest little museum

This miniature wonderland is ignored by many guidebooks. It is located in Hamburg and has mini replicas of the city, the Harz Mountains, notable parts of Scandinavia and the Unites States. This Mini Museum spans two entire floors of a long forgotten brick maritime warehouse. From a live demonstration of cable cars on the Alps, to a night in Vegas everything is executed with the finest detail and expertise. Pushing a button will bring thousands of mini-replicas to life, see them work, dance, clean, drive and ski at this magical place.

Cruise on the Elbe

Rhine might be the queen of the rivers in Germany, but Elbe is not to be forgotten either. But this beautiful and serene river in East Germany has many stories to tell as well. Along the cruise you will find Dresden, adorned with Baroque domes and spires, rebuilt from ashes after the Second World War. You will also catch a glimpse of the Semper Opera House and the Green Vault of Dresden’s Royal Palace, both noted for their architecture and unparalleled splendor. The history lovers will be enthralled by a museum, one of its kind, that displays rare photos from the Second World War Torgau, where Russian and allied troupes merged. Do not forget the church in Wittenberg where Martin Luther King first posted the 95 thesis.

Cruise on the Elbe

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