The most adrenaline pumping vacations from across the globe

Experienced individuals say there is no high like the high of adrenaline. From a simple roller coaster ride to bungee jumping, people have devised various ways to keep the adrenaline pumping. In fact there are several vacations from all across the world that will give you just the rush you need for sustaining your mundane life and job back home. Let us excavate a few options from around the globe that promise to be a treat for the adventure lovers.

On the Costa Rica quest

Costa Rica quest

From white water rafting in the tumulus waters of Toro and hiking on the Arenal Volcano trails, to conyoneering, this adrenaline boosted trip has much to offer an adventure thirty soul. The activities in action packed Costa Rica is perfect for someone on a tight schedule. The heat and humidity is bound to take its toll even on the most seasoned hiker. So it is recommended to intersperse the outdoor days with a few relaxing ones. These days do not have to be boring either, there are plenty of historic monuments, archives of art and centers for theatre and many museums to keep you busy inside the city of San Jose. A sight to behold is the Gold Museum that is located under the Plaza de la Cultura, which hosts a spectacular collection of indigenous craft on pure gold. It can be said with certainty; this is like nothing you have ever seen before. The best place to collect and buy souvenirs is the twin markets one of which is located on the Plaza de la Cultura itself. From boots, a shirt, native handicrafts to herbal remedy anything and everything Costa Rican can be found in either of these two markets.

Vietnam variety


Hanoi is the place to start your Vietnam adventure. It is a bustling city, thriving with life and alive with tradition. Even a simple walk across the streets that change color at every turn is quite an adventure. A few places in Hanoi itself are the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Museum, Van Mieu (Temple of literature) beside the Tran Quoc pagoda. After Hanoi a smart stop would be the Halong Bay where a number of islands rise up conspicuously above the blue sea. Each island is adorned with multiple caves and trails for you to choose from. Even a relaxing swim in the Halong waters is a good idea. The climbs and the trails are amazing, enwrapped in mystery and beauty for the traveler’s eyes. Many are also drawn to Hoi An, the Imperial Citadel, the centre of commerce of old Vietnam. The flat bike ride on the Cua Dai Beach deserves a special mention here. It is a one of a kind experience to ride on this flat, uninterrupted beach just 4 Km out of town. From legendary temples, beach biking, hiking and of course the marvelous Vietnamese cuisine, there is a lot that is essential during a holiday in Vietnam. It is one of the most understated and yet one of the most exciting holiday ventures in today’s world.

The Inca itinerary

The Inca

In Peru, once you are in Cusco you will realize that shortage of power and hot water are a mandatory part of your adventure. But this just makes the adventure more challenging for the true nature lovers. Cusco itself has hundreds of sights that attract thousands of tourists every year. The Cathedral in the heart of the city is a brilliant example of colonial architecture and in one of the many marvelous religious constructions that still stand. Besides the churches and cathedrals there are a number of museums like the regional history museum and the religious art museum that command a day from your tour. The Inca trail to Machu Picchu takes four days to complete and can be definitely termed physically challenging. However the people who make it are rewarded by an unforgettable sight of the ruins of ancient glory. The hike can be especially steep in the later parts and an alternative is the Lares Trek. However this is not as easy either and requires just as much determination. The trails meander through valleys adorned with beautiful flowers and the scenery accompanying the trail is unparalleled. Once you are at the top you can see the clouds coming down to kiss what remains of the Incas.

Water sports in Fiji

Fiji Water Sports

The tiny island on the South Pacific ocean has always been the water-sport lovers’ hub. Parasailing, wakeboarding, hobie cat sailing, banana boat rides, waterskiing and snorkeling are a few of the options that are available for the adventure lovers. Year after year, water-sport enthusiasts crowd this island to experience the ultimate rush of adrenaline. Fly high, swim low and gather hundreds of adventures and photographs to enrich your travelogue every year. There are activities for the ones who like to fly solo or the even for families where everyone will have equal fun. Fiji is steadily climbing up the adventurer’s list as a hot favorite.

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