Weak Partners Lead to Weak Hearts – A Study

A study has revealed that having a negative or no interaction with your partner or spouse can cause heart problems for you in the future, quite literally. In a study done by some researchers, it has been found that people who have a healthy and positive interaction with their families and spouse are less prone to heart problems as compared to people who have little or positive interaction. The people having negative interaction are 8.5 percent more prone to such diseases.

The researchers have attributed this risk to the thickening of the carotid arteries which are connected to the heart. People who have negative interactions with their partners have thicker carotid arteries, which is the major cause of cardiovascular diseases at later stages. This is why such people have 8.5 percent more chance of having a heart failure or heart seizure as compared to people who have a healthy relation with their partners.

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In the study, 280 middle-aged working adults who were married or living with a partner in a marriage like relationship, were studied. They were questioned about their partners and their daily lives, including their partner satisfaction. Often they were asked to report any short term interactions also, which might have taken place over the past hour or so. Various general and personal questions were asked to them over a period of time and responses were noted down.

Next, the researchers measured the size of the carotid arteries of these participants using ultra sound imaging. Then the differences in arteries’ sizes were compared with the individual relationship status mentioned by each participant. Final reports showed that those who had reported negative and little relation with their partner had a 8.5 percent more risk of facing heart problems, which was shown by the difference in the size of arteries.

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“It is still unclear that how these arteries expand or contract based on the emotional feelings and mental stresses. More research is needed to expand in this context. But the results are accurate and have been tested over people as well as scientifically”, said the study author Nataria Joseph. The researchers are also looking for an explanation for the fluctuating blood pressures and the quantity of blood delivered by these arteries, which could provide more information on the biological manifestation of the emotional turmoil that a person might be going through.

The study, however, has come under criticism from various health agencies and other researchers because of the small scope that it used to conduct the research and publish results and also for not having sufficient proofs of the same. It is limited to the data and the people who were available at one point of time and does not spread over a wider range. It also does not explain the changes that take place and does not account for any other reason which might be the cause of the emotional turmoil in the patient. So, many have dubbed this study has incomplete and amateur.

However, the researchers are confident that their findings have strong basis and are true to the best of their knowledge. They acknowledge the lack of explanations for some phenomena, but are hopeful that they will soon find the exact explanation for the same. Research is already going on in the biological backdrop of the same and researchers are trying to reason out the change in shape and size of blood vessels with changing attitudes, emotions and mental states. Positive results are being expected in the same.

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Thus, as it can be seen, having a healthy relationship with your partner and having a satisfied married life can help reduce heart risks and keep your heart healthy for a longer period of time. It is especially necessary for married couples to maintain cordial and loving relations and understand each other, not just for the sake of their relation, but also for their own hearts. Doctors also need to know the state of the relationship within the family and the degree of satisfaction in the relation, while diagnosing patients with heart diseases and prescribing medicines. After all, a healthy relation with the partner might be the only medicine needed by the suffering person.

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