Witness watery adventures with the world’s most inviting rivers

When you think about summer getaways the image that simply pops up in your head is that of a serene landscape, bordered by calm blue waters. However the next thing that dims the idea down is the crowd in the beaches during the summer months. Besides beaches in summer are just so passé. So why not indulge in some real fun this summer and to help you, we bring a list of the most happening and inviting rivers from around the world which offer you a true taste of adventure.



Chile may not be synonymous with vacationing and water sports to you, but here you are most likely to find the most amazing glaciers which give rise to teeth chattering white water which is just ideal for rafting. The Fu River which gushes through the valleys of the Patagonia region is one of the hotspots for whitewater rafting at the moment. The experience is unparalleled and make sure you plan on going soon. A plan of a hydroelectric dam is casting a grim shadow on the chilling white waters of Chile at the moment. Grab your chance while you still can.



What can be undoubtedly called the best in the west, the Middle Fork of the Salmon River is one of the most popular and challenging whitewater rafting spots in the world. If you are opting for Idaho you better strap yourself in for a bumpy ride complete with sharp turns and death defying falls.  The water runs over 350 rapids and the drop is a steep 3000 feet over the stretch. Even for viewers it is a treat, the gushing water flows through immaculate alpine settings which bring a calm on the spectators in spite of all the action that takes place on the water. So even if you are not much of an adventurer you can simply accompany your friend or loved one for the beautiful scenery of the place.



We all know about African safaris but this is a little different from them. The Zambezi River is known for its notorious currents and rapids which put even the most experienced rafters in mortal dilemma. It has its own reputation in the rafting world and let us just say rafting on the Zambezi River is one of the most challenging tasks in the entire world. This also means the adrenaline rush is like nowhere experienced before and this is what draws the adrenaline addicts year after year to this astronomical river. It falls about 400 feet in the first 15 miles and it is to be taken for granted that this river does not offer a moment for respite. There are about two dozen challenging rapids that thunder through the Batoka Gorge. This is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica

This is not the conventional Costa Rican holiday with Casado and Ceviche and honestly filling yourself up with these before hitting the rapids of Rio Pacuare is not advisable either. It gushes through the Talamanca Mountain range for about 70 miles and offers a plethora of rafting experiences. There is enough to satiate adrenaline addicts as well as lovers of tranquility. The river flows through different terrains causing it to mellow down occasionally. These are the stretches which offer family friendly boating/ rafting trips. However the main attraction for the rafting enthusiasts is the first half mile of the river which includes the 10 mile “Upper”, 16 mile “Upper Upper”, and the 23 mile stretch called the “Lower” section. The surrounding breathtaking scenery and sneak peek into the wildlife is an added bonus for all rafting aficionados.

West Virginia:

West Virginia

With the advance of spring the huge defrost brings down gushes of white water down the New River Gorge. This is one of the oldest rivers in the entire world and hence sports one of the most challenging terrains which gives birth to a 14 mile section where the river drops a sharp 240 feet. From Class I to Class V, this Appalachian waterway has it all for the adrenaline junkies. The Grand Canyon of the East is definitely the place to be, if you are looking for some adventure in the neighborhood.

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