Rare orchids to make your gardens special – the top 5 picks

Orchids exhibit some of the most vibrant colors and unique shapes in flowering plants; and some of the rare orchards disperse a fragrant aroma as well. While a few orchids are endemic to certain climatic conditions, most orchids can thrive on any garden yard with special care and proper maintenance. Here is a list of such rare yet practical orchids that can be grown in your own garden.

1. Cypripedium Reginae

Cypripedium Reginae

Also called the Pink-and-white Lady’s slipper or the Queen’s Lady’s slipper for its distinctive shape and unique color combination, the orchid has the most brilliant foliage of all others belonging to the species. Almost completely lost from its natural habitat, the orchid can be quite hard to locate outside it’s the temperate climate in which it thrives. But with a properly setup arboretum, the plant can survive even in other regions. A natural irritant, the orchid is also believed to have a number of medicinal properties.

2. Cattleya Trianae


Affectionately regarded as the Flor de Mayo or May Flower in English, the vibrant colors of the orchid can mesmerize anyone who lays eyes upon it. The petals of the orchid have a unique shape, similar to a thin leaf, and contain hues of lavender from the stem to the lip. The lip part of the petal is the darkest exhibiting a striking contrast; the throat of the flower is bright yellow in colour and the edges of the petals can vary from white to red. The flower’s natural habitat is in hilly regions, generally about 1500m above sea level; and can only survive in gardens at such an altitude.

3. Miltonia Spectabilis


The native of Brazil is a largely endemic flower that is almost impossible to find in other parts of the world. The flowers striking grape purple colour and thin long petals certainly demand attention from anyone. The orchid also occurs in a twin color combination variant of white and lavender, and is the rarest form of the species. The orchid is also called the Outstanding Miltonia for its exceptional beauty.

4. Darwinia Meeboldii

Darwinia Meeboldii

The strange yet striking growth habits of the DarwiniaMeeboldii earn its nickname – the Cranbrook Bell. The orchid base shrub grows erect and can be as tall as even 0.5m in some case. The orchid flowers hang down like pendants and are usually shaped in bell form. The orchid has a white base and a red tip, and a unique fragrance.

5. Thelymitra Ixioides

Thelymitra Ixioides

The brilliant blue coloring of the orchid and its exceptional affinity to the sun has made it one of the most beautiful yet rarest orchids in the world. The orchid blooms only during spring and only on warm and sunny days. The other variations that can be found in the flower is tanned spots on the petals.

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