5 things to do in South Africa

When traveling to South Africa, these 5 locations and sites should definitely take a place on your ‘Must-See/Must-Do’ list, they are each unique and have their own appeal. So even if only one of the following seems appealing, you will be extremely happy you’ve seen it through.

Visit the Table Mountain

This landmark is beautiful from wherever you stand, whether you’re on the ground looking up from city or up in the Mountain itself, looking out onto the incredible views of the landscape where you can see for miles… From the city below to lands further out and the Ocean surrounding it. Breath-taking.

Table Mountain

You can reach this destination by heading to the famous city of Cape Town. Here you have two options to make your way up the mountain:

One: You can take a cable car up the mountain by 3000 feet


Two: You can hike up the mountain on either the easy or hard path

Both choices will lead you to some incredible views of the landscape beneath you.

Please Note: To avoid queues for the cable car, head to Table Mountain in the early hours of the morning around 8:30am.

Cape Point

Cape Point is an incredible place to view and you can make a whole day of sight-seeing out of it, when traveling from Cape Town and stopping at different locations and towns on the way. Hout Bay and Simonstown are just two of the towns you will come across.

Cape Point

If you want to see something adorable, then you must head over to the Boulders Bay Beach where you will come across some fascinating African Penguins – Yes, African Penguins! Please note that there will be an Entry Fee for this area.

Finally, why not head over to the most south-western point in Africa and take a drive around the Cape of Good Hope. It will be a pleasant drive and this is also the location of where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet.

Victoria Wharf


This place is definitely a tourist destination and although you may find the busiest crowds in this location, it’s definitely worth checking out due to the majority of shops and restaurants being situated here. But best of all, if you dine out on the Waterfront at Victoria Wharf, you will still be able to see Table Mountain and receive some glorious sunset views.

South African Safari


Now really, what is a trip to SA without a Safari experience? On average, you will find that most Safari trips will begin at a minimum of 2 days and that will be two days of Wilderness fun! You’ll more than likely be offered the choice of doing an early morning Safari run or a Mid-Afternoon one or both, however if you want to take home some awesome photos, then the early morning Safari ride will definitely be worth rolling out of bed at 5:30am – due to brilliant lighting and the animals starting their day-to-day life.

Please note, that many of these Safari trips are in Malaria Zones, so don’t forget to do your research when booking a Safari trip and precautions are to be taken.


Robben Island

Robben Island

If you’re looking to experience some authentic history, then you will have to take a Ferry Ride to Robben Island – the jail in which Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his 27 year life imprisonment before he was moved on. What’s brilliant about this tour is that you actually guided by former prisoners of that very prison, which will surely add to the authenticity of this tour. Then after your trip to the Island, you can make your way back to the Waterfront and have a drink to end a good day.

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