A very powerful message to humanity

This video contains a very powerful message to humanity. Its message is timeless and it is probably more relevant today than when it was written back in 1940. It contains a speech made against oppressors and greed, but sadly there are more oppressors and greedy people today than ever before. If we do not learn from the mistakes that were made in the past, this speech will also still be relevant in our future. Just listen and follow your heart…

This speech originates from the movie the Great Dictator (1940) written and directed by Charlie Chaplin. Charlie plays the lead role of Adenoid Hynkel, which is primarily a satirical view of the then rising dictator Adolf Hitler. Initially, the film was not well received in the US, but the popularity of the film increased in 1941 when the US also became involved in World War II. Chaplin later admitted that if he knew all terrible things what Hitler would do, than he would never have made this satire.

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