Jumping from out of the world – head over to Bloukrans Bridge Bungy Jump

Bloukrans Bridge is the highest commercial bridge bungee in the entire world. Located in South Africa, Bloukrans boasts of several world records. In 2003, Bloukrans Bungy was recognized as the highest commercial bungee jump and in 2008, the site managed to break two more world records.


Safety Concerns

Undoubtedly, the bungy jumping point boasts of amazing natural beauty. The operators of the service focus on maintaining highest safety standards for their operations. However, visitors are still asked to sign an indemnity form which states that the operator will not be held responsible for any injuries they sustain. The operators will be helpful and so it is best to pay attention to what they have to say. They will also pull the bungy rope back up once you complete your jump.

Highlights of the Location

The Bloukrans Bridge is situated 216m above the Bloukrans River and the bungy jump operations are open to the delight of the visitors 365 days of the year in all sorts of weather conditions except for gale force winds, which makes the overall experience all the more thrilling.


Jumping Experience

It is expected that many people will chicken out before the final jump and statistically, an average of two people out of ten that go up do not jump. Therefore, it is perfectly fine if you do not wish to make the jump at the end moment but you should know that there is no option for a refund. Even if you do not jump, you will not get your money back. However, it is completely safe to take the plunge since the operators are highly experienced and bungy jumping activities have been part of the experience at Bloukrans Bridge for many years without any sort of incident.


You will find that making it along the bridge walkway is more terrifying than the actual jump point and if you are able to make it through without being scared, you will be fine when the time comes for you to jump from Bloukrans Bridge. Even if you are usually afraid of heights, it will not be a problem since you will be offered proper safety gear and precautions and will feel fine. So just get ready to jump from the point and conquer your fear of heights.

Amenities for Jumpers

There is a small café and bar downstairs from Bloukrans Bridge which not only offers some tasty treats but provides you with a wonderful view of the bridge. You can easily check in to the café and then grab a seat there while you have a conversation with your friends or family members. You may even want to grab a drink while you are at it and this can have a calming effect on your mind. From a distance, the entire process of bungy jumping appears to be rather quick and the drop also does not appear to be too high.


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