A day out diving at Sodwana Bay – unadulterated adventure buffet with marine nature

The region of South Africa boasts of numerous diving locations, but none of them can compare to the wonder that is Sodwana Bay. This site boasts of breath-taking natural beauty in the form of colourful reefs that are capable of holding attention of both the international divers as well as the locals. The tidal pools offer tourists to the bay the opportunity to experience an amazing snorkelling adventure. Even if someone is a beginner, they can have plenty of fun at Sodwana Bay.

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Resources for Underwater Adventure

Sodwana underwater

There are quite a number of diving operators to choose from but it is best to opt for a service that is reliable and has high recommendations from the visitors, such as Coral Divers since they will ensure that your diving experience is exhilarating and refreshing in the hands of their capable and experienced diving experts. However, in case you want a more relaxed dive, you can always opt for a smaller diving operator.

Experience the Great Diving Experience

The ideal time to go for a dive in the ocean is early in the mornings as the view at the time is awesome and you get the chance to witness a large variety of sea creatures in their natural habitat. You should not miss out on visiting this wonderful location during the whale season when there are plenty of dolphins, whale sharks, humpback whales and other species of whales migrating through these portions. The gates of most diving sites open really early at dawn for day visitors but they tend to remain open throughout the day for the residents. However, you might be required to pay the mandatory entrance fees when entering the park apart from the regular community fees and conservation costs. Therefore, though the overall experience is likely to cost you a pretty penny, it is well worth it.

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Fulfill your Shopping Needs

Visitors to Sodwana Bay will easily be able to spot some well-stocked gear shops at the beach along with a couple of restaurants that are more than capable of satisfying your appetite. Moreover, if you are in the mood to go shopping, you will find a couple of local shops that sell beautiful African handicrafts and other decorative items. They are mostly made by the locals who charge a reasonable amount of money without breaking your budget. However, you are always welcome to haggle a bit in order to drive the price further down but do bear in mind at all times that it is vendors-only income and tourists to the spot appear on a seasonal basis.

Get a Taste of the Local Culture

During the gorgeous sunset at Sodwana Bay, you may wish to unwind a bit after a hectic day and you may do so by grabbing a couple of drinks. The locals are very warm and friendly in nature and they will be more than happy to share tales with you around the campfire, to the lilting beats of the African drums and the sizzling sounds of the delicious meat on the brai.

The cell phone reception at Sodwana Bay is not always up to the mark but there is no need to panic since visitors can easily find free WiFi connections at the town.

Overall, Sodwana Bay is a great destination for the entire family and seeks to provide all the tourists with a wilderness experience that they will hardly forget.

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