Regular Exercise: The Secret to A Fitter and Healthier You

Here’s the question which everyone must have asked themselves at least once: why, oh why, must we exercise? The answers are numerous, with some being grave, others quite hilarious. Asked about this, our readers claimed reasons as varied as “I snore too much, and I heard exercise helps with that”, “I have no sex life because of my obesity”, “I get tired climbing up the stairs to my apartment” and “I have increased chances of heart disease”. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of exercising.


Combating Weight

For all of those potent adipose tissues in your body, there is only one cure: exercise. If you walk at least thirty minutes a day, run around a toddler all day long, or visit the gym at least two days out of seven, chances are that you’re going to be a healthier, happier person.

weight loss

While we’re all for respecting different body sizes, it is just a fact of life that our bodies are meant to be engaged in a lot of physical exertion.

Fighting against harmful diseases

Did you know that people with central obesity (that’s doctor-talk for fat in the abdominal region) have a higher risk of getting Type-2 obesity?  Or that fat can deposit around your heart, creating a whole lot of problems for you in the future? It’s difficult to stop ourselves from eating popcorn, burgers and oily junk food, but a strict fitness regime can combat the effect of food. By boosting high density lipoprotein, your body can actually combat the effect of fats as long as you remain active.

Exercise helps reduce the risk of a stroke, diabetes, depression, arthritis and even certain forms of cancer!

Boosting Energy Levels

This fact may almost appear to be antithetical, but really isn’t. The greatest paradox of life is that the more you exercise, the higher your energy levels. Okay, a two hour session at the gym might leave you feeling completely exhausted and drained out. But in the long run, think of these effects as a necessary evil. By delivering oxygen to your brain and nutrients to your tissues, exercise aids your lungs, cardiovascular system and improves neural functioning!

Improving your Sex Life

It’s a fact of life that exercise leaves you in better shape, as long as you don’t gain back all the calories you lost by having a big MacDonald’s meal after returning from the gym. Considering that you look and feel better about yourself when you’re more fit, exercise can also work wonders on your sex life. But that’s not all: research shows that exercise helps promote enhanced arousal in women, as well as reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.


Sleeping better

It might seem that the physical exhaustion (the result of a vigorous exercise session) is enough reason to validate this fact. Exercise helps reduce stress, which in turn helps us sleep better. Sleep apnea, in fact, is one of the many problems cured by exercise. In creating improves muscles, exercise also helps tone our throat muscles. Throat exercises in particular help reduce the snoring problem. Alternative remedies for snoring are singing, mouth-guards and such contraptions: so exercise is surely one of the easiest ways to remedy your snoring problem.

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After reading this article, you are surely going to start exercising and continue every day. 

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