Your Guide To The Blessed Organic Life

The world today is full of so many modern facilities that have made our lives easier than the yesteryears, but at what cost? The growth of technology and the ever increasing lifestyle standards have taken a toll on nature. It’s ironic, how development of mankind is almost directly proportional to the destruction of the environment. It is high time we realised our actions and started rectifying it. Discussed below are the benefits of adopting an organic lifestyle, that keeps your family healthy and the balance in nature intact.

Why organic?

Over exploitation of the earth has reduced its fertility, this means it’s expensive growing food the natural way. Chemicals are used to increase soil’s productivity. In order to maximize their profits, retailers have even started selling adulterated food items in the market.  So the next time you’re at the shopping mall purchasing groceries think about all the harmful substances in it that can harm your family! Don’t worry though; you get natural organic food products out in the same markets. Fresh, natural and tasty organic fruits and vegetables are free from pesticides and artificial fertilizers, and ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

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Is organic juice the perfect breakfast alternative?

Spare yourself the cumbersome task of peeling and cutting the fruits and vegetables. Now you can just put them in a juicer and blend them together! A glass of freshly made organic juice is scrumptious and keeps you charged up all through the day. A very healthy, refreshing and convenient alternative, organic juice keeps you hydrated and gives instant energy. But that does not mean you give up on solid food altogether.  A glass of juice might serve as a complementary beverage to wash down your breakfast, but it in no way is a wholesome dietary alternative.

Organic Juice

The perks of an organic diet

Adoption an all organic lifestyle ensures the physical and mental fitness of your entire family. High on nutrition, it also prevents many deadly diseases! Listed below are some of the main advantages of adopting an all organic diet:

Good for your body:

Organic fruits have high fibre content and low calorie count. With organic diet, you can shed all the extra fat and get that perfect toned body you always wanted! Also a bowl of salad for breakfast is easier and much more wholesome option than a sandwich or pancakes.

Healthy and glowing skin:

Tired of resorting to all sorts of cosmetics for acnes and pimples but to no avail? Try organic for a change! Eating healthy and fresh fruits is great for your skin! Rich in antioxidants, an organic diet effectively removes all the toxic wastes of the body. It gives you a natural glowing, even toned skin that is smooth and beautiful.

Prevents ulcers, kidney stones and heart strokes

Replete with mineral and all the necessary vitamins such as A, C, B, D, and E, etc., a glass of organic juice every day is really good for the functioning of the kidneys, liver, heart and other body parts. Fruits such as oranges and lemon rich in citrus acid work wonder for boosting your immunity. Carrot rich in vitamin A is good for your eyes and heart. Spinach, a green leafy vegetable helps in blood production and circulation.

Easy on the pocket:

Getting organic vegetables from a nearby local countryside market is cheaper and convenient than driving all the way to the supermarket to purchase unhealthy food products.

A word of caution!

Don’t fall for those boxed juice boxes that claim to offer 100% organic fruit juice but have all the artificial flavours and preservatives added. It is best that you buy your own juicer to prepare fresh and natural organic juices whenever you want. Compare the prices and facilities offered by the different juicers available in the market before you make your pick. Experiment with different organic juice recipes and make every morning a healthy adventure.



Opting for all things organic is a win-win situation, and honestly the only saving grace for mankind; the only way to rectify our actions.  Do your bit for the environment by adopting an organic lifestyle.

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