A Primer on The Causes And Cure For Sleeping Disorders

Daytime fatigue, headaches and morning crankiness are some of the telltale signs shunning light upon the fact that you had a rough, restless night earlier. With long working hours, night shifts and increasing work pressure, sleeping disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnoea and snoring etc. are quite common among people. But these seemingly “normal” disorders can heavily impact your performance and over all physical fitness. Read on to know more about the threats caused by sleeping disorders and some simple and effective solutions to prevent them.


What are sleeping disorders?

Sleeping disorder or somnipathy is a medical condition where the sleeping pattern of a person changes drastically so much so that it can affect the physical, mental and emotional functioning of the patient. Not getting proper sleep at night can affect your behaviour the next day and an irritated start can lead to a really unproductive day. Anxiety, stress, and depression etc. are some of the common reasons behind sleep disorders.

Why is it dangerous?

Just like any other machine, even the body needs some time to rest, to recover and rejuvenate itself from the wear and tear of the entire day. A proper night’s keeps you refreshed and charged up all day long. Disruptions in sleep may lead to blockages in the nasal passage that not only restrict the natural breathing but also causes strokes and heart attacks. It gravely affects your efficiency, relationships and overall performance. But beware of the sleeping pills and excessive dosage of other drugs that can have very unpleasant consequences.


What causes sleeping disorders?

You’re not the only one having trouble adjusting your body clock, many surveys conducted all over the world have proved how people falling in the age group 18-35 suffer from sleeping disorders. Listed below are some main causes behind this:

Behavioural causes:

A major reason behind sleep disorders is anxiety and depression. Overthinking and unnecessary stress keeps your mind awake the entire night rendering you useless the next day.

Work pressure and night shifts:

Longer office hours and night shifts force employees to stay awake the entire night, burning the midnight oil. And no amount of power naps can compensate for the lost hours of sleep. With the ever growing stress, work pressure and deadlines, it is almost impossible to get to bed at socially acceptable hours.

Imbalanced diet:

Not eating balanced and nutritious food causes obesity. The muscles in your jaws close down upon your throat blocking the air passage leading to a serious case of sleep apnoea. Excessive junk and oily food that is high on calories results in lethargy. A heavy lunch followed by wine makes your drowsy in the afternoon thereby cutting the sleep you should be getting at night.

Lifestyle changes:

The overall lifestyle changes have also led to conditions such as sleep apnoea and insomnia. Late night parties and alcohol addiction keeps us awake the whole night followed by hangovers and splitting headaches. Also cigarettes drugs and dependence on sleeping pills increase the risk of strokes tenfold.

The solution:

Sleeping disorders can be cured with simple therapy and exercises. There are also some products available in medical stores that can enhance your sleep. Some of them are mentioned below:

sleep solution

Yoga and exercises:

Yoga aasans such as pranayama, shava aasan and meditation helps you de-stress. They soothe your nerves and create a peaceful atmosphere for sleeping. Even simple jaw and throat exercises, chewing motions can reduce snoring considerably.

Nasal strips and sprays:

The plastic protruding on the nasal strips fixed over the bridge of the nose opens up the nasal passage. And the medicated sprays inserted in the nostrils clears blockage and mucus to enhance breathing tenfold. Consult your doctor before buying nasal sprays.

Chin straps and mouth pieces:

Chin straps are fabric cups placed in the chin attached by straps that run along the face all the way up to the head. It holds the face in a much more comfortable position, helping you breathe properly. Even anti-snoring mouth pieces can be pretty helpful in getting a good night’s sleep.

The bottom line:

Sleeping disorders are seemingly normal, but can turn pretty unpleasant if aggravated. Visit your doctor immediately if you feel any of the signs of sleep disorders.

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