Easy Ways for Teens to Make Money

We all know that during the teenager’syears’ money is a little hard to come by.  Between the constant life stressors of school, parents, and girlfriend/boyfriend’s life can be pretty busy.  Up until this point your parents probably just paid for you anytime you went out to eat or wanted to go to the movies.  Now all of the sudden a magical age hits and you are expected to start paying for food and leisure activities.  So, your options are clear: find a way to make some cash or risk staying home along when all your friends go to the movies together.  You don’t need to worry if you stuck with little to no money in your pockets from sitting around on the couch all day, here are five simple ways to earn a few dollars on the side.

  • Mow Lawns/Perform Yardwork

Often the most overlooked and classic job for a teenager is yardwork.  All you need is a simple push mower and weed whacker, tools that most homeowners have handy.  Approach your neighbors first, they probably will be more than willing to put you too good use.  This job is a great way to start earning cash on the side since you don’t need to own the equipment.

Start by making some simple flyers using Canva or Photoshop to market yourself.  Walk around your neighborhood and talk with neighbors who you notice could use an extra hand or haven’t kept up with their yardwork.

Teen make money

There are many ways to make money performing yardwork: cutting down trees, trimming bushes/hedges, cutting the grass, mulching, edging, etc.  Be sure to check out Craigslist there is usually a few odd gigs that you can pick up on the side.

  • Taking Online Surveys

Want to easily make money from the comfort of your couch?  Well then you should participate in paid online surveys.

The concept is simple, you sign up and answer a few questions about yourself and who you are.  Next, you will be given surveys that match your particular demographic or interest.  In exchange for participating in the survey you will earn points or cash rewards.  It’s fairly simple and straightforward.  Not all programs are equal however, there are quite a few that are huge time wastes. Surveys vary in length and rewards so I would recommend checking out the list of Top 20 Online Survey Sites (surveyswonk.com) before getting started.

Many of the same survey sites will also offer you multiple other ways to win.  Choose between cashback for purchases, watching videos, or taking polls to maximize the amount of money you can make.  You definitely won’t get rich by taking online surveys, but it can be an easy way to make a few hundred dollars over the summer.

  • Babysitting

Like kids?  Why not spend your free time supervising children in exchange for cash?  There are many ways you can make babysitting enjoyable and fun.  Take your kids to the park, mall, or even a movie!  Great places to find babysitting opportunities are neighbors, family friends, church, or even school.

Since babysitting is usually paid in cash, you won’t have to worry about filling out any tax forms.  Check out popular sites such as care.org to find potential jobs available in your area.

  • Get Paid For Testing Websites

Many large companies want constant feedback about the user experience of their websites.  Luckily, they are even willing to pay you for it!  Sign up for free on Usertesting.com to get started.  There you will answer questions about certain sites and leave detailed notes about what you liked or disliked.  Tests usually take about 20 minutes to complete but will pay out $10-15 once finished.  Note:  You must be 18+ to join the program.

  • Start a Social Media Consulting Business

Do you have a passion for social media?  Are you an Instagram wizard?  Why not turn the very activities that you do every day into cash?  Social media is one of the hottest growing fields right now in marketing.  There are many companies pouring millions of dollars into new advertising platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram.  Most small businesses want to market on these channels but have no idea where to start.

You could easily land a few clients and manage their social media channels for a fee.  We recommend checking out Tai Lopez, for trainings on how to get started.  Some of his students have made over six figures following his exact steps!

Making money as a teenager does not have to be hard.  There are many easy opportunities out there that can net you extra spending money.  The only thing holding you back is yourself.  So, get out there and start making some extra money!

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