Practical Eco-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas You Can Adopt Today

Designing your home with recyclable or natural materials- well, that’s cool. And if you thought that needs the services of an environmental activistas well as a home décor expert, you’re mistaken!

Ditch artificial furnishings and plastic decorations, and bring on the greens instead. It’s high time you start doing your bit for the planet;eco-friendly replacements help you reduce your carbon footprint significantly, and make your home décor inimitable. In this guide, we’ve discussed seven such brilliant eco-friendly home décor ideas that would add on to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Use Plants for Decorations

Houseplants, flowers and shrubs are the best way to purify the air around the house and add to the “greenery”. The plants take in the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and convert it to oxygen, keeping your house fresh and airy (8th grade bio-chemistry, right?). Moreover, household plants are neither expensive, nor high on maintenance. Adding some plants to your home décor is a smart and stylish way to boost the green quotient of the place and keep your living space beautiful and welcoming. Open the windows and curtains on bright sunny days to let natural light in. Not only does this keep the indoor plants healthy but also compensates for the Vitamin D deficiency in your body.


Choose Organic Materials

Organic materials don’t always have to be expensive and hard to find. You can get nature-friendly home décor products and furnishings almost anywhere in the market. Replace plastic, chrome metal, or particle board with organic and recyclable materials such as jute and wood. Furnishings made from jute not only last longer but also can be disposed easily when you want to replace them. Moreover, buying pre-loved furniture and decorations from recognized sites such as eBay and Gumtree is supposedly the easiest way to reduce the carbon footprint and give your home a nice vintage touch.


Consider Products with Low VOC Content

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, a term that represents chemicals usually found in paints, carpets and other household products. Items having high VOC content are harmful to your body and also cause a lot of damage to the environment. The VOC vapors emitting off wall paint can often cause serious medical ailments such as breathing problems, heart ailments, and headaches. Choose eco-friendly paints instead; they have low or nil VOC content. Also, carpets and rugs are generally made from toxic materials and are pretty expensive as well. Avoid using carpets; replace them by hardwood floorings or tiles.

Shop Sustainably

Invest in items that last longer instead of spending on the use and throw products. Use a renewable source of energy for powering up your home. Solar panels are a smart and sustainable way to light up your abode. Solar cells can prove to be pricey initially but are an energy-efficient and long-term solution when compared to the other power sources such as coal. Check out interesting products such as the Ring Stick Up Cam, a surveillance camera powered by solar panel charger.


Choose Wood Carefully

Wooden furniture is your best bet when it comes to furnishing your house with beautiful, lightweight and eco-friendly items. Strong hardwoods such as maple, oak, teak or walnut are pretty sturdy and require far lesser amounts of adhesives than metal furnishings. Wood furniture is usually held together using simple carpentering techniques and doesn’t need any artificial support. Ensure that you get only FSC certified wood; that’s tick free and complies with quality standards.

Opt For Thermal Curtains

The kinds of fabric you use around the house has an impact on the ambient temperature and hence power consumption of your house. Replace the standard curtains of your house with thermal ones. The plain and thin sheets of thermal lining on the curtains not only keep the house cool but also reduce the electricity bill for the years to come. Also, avoid using processed or artificial fabrics for bedding; opt for organic cotton sheets and certified linen instead. Nature-friendly materials are not only softer but also prevent any infections or rashes on your body.

Recycle and Style With DIY

Eco-friendly products and decorative items are surprisingly inexpensive and easy to make. It is time you unleash your creative side and take out some time to create some fun and attractive DIY projects. These DIY items are not only aesthetically appealing but also give your home décora more personalized touch. You can turn old discarded mason jars into flower vases and use leftover cloth and few beads to make wall hangings. There are loads of blogs and video tutorials online that give you really wonderful ideas on how to design your home using everyday materials; check them out.


The Bottom Line

Being eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to splurge your money on expensive and aesthetically appealing showpieces and furnishings. On the contrary, nature lovers often save money by shopping for items that are not only good for the planet but also stand the test of time.

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