5 Natural Oils You Must Use

There are many amazing natural oils that can be used to improve and heal your body naturally. The five oils that I highly recommend are lavender oil for sleep and muscle relief, argan oil for hair, tea tree oil to heal infections, rosehip oil for skin nourishment, and magnesium oil for better energy and performance. Keep reading for more info.

1) Lavender oil

Lavender oil is extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant, primarily through steam distillation. The fragrant oil has also been used in making perfumes for centuries. It can be found in many soaps, shampoos, and potpourris.

Lavender oil has many wonderful benefits for us. It reduces stress and anxiety when you breathe in its aroma. Lavender oil inhibits bacteria that cause acne which improves acne breakouts. It’s an excellent remedy for various types of pains including those caused by sore and tense muscles and muscular aches.

A less well known but highly effective use of lavender oil is to repel mosquitos and other bugs when you’re outside. Just apply some lavender oil to exposed areas to get rid of the pesky bugs!

Finally, one of the best uses of lavender oil is to improve sleep. By smelling the scent before bed, your body is relaxed and ready to fall asleep.

2) Argan oil

Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree that is found in Morocco. It’s an amazing natural oil for healthy skin and hair.

When used to improve your hair, argan oil is a natural hair conditioner, hair de-frizzer, and a hair growth stimulator. To use argan oil on your hair just dump a small amount on your hand and run it through your hair after it’s been washed.

Argan oil can also help you maintain your beard, make your cuticles and nails soft and shiny, and moisturize your skin. In all cases you only need to use a very small amount to cover the area you want to improve. It’s really a must-have natural oil.

3) Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds. It’s an amazing natural oil that be used to cure various problems and something that you should definitely have around the house.

You can use tea tree oil to treat acne and acne scars. This essential oil penetrates into the skin and unblocks pores and glands to disinfect them and reduce acne. Tea tree oil contains terpenes that destroy bacteria while offering soothing qualities.

Tea tree oil can also be used to treat fleas on pets and is found in many pet shampoos.

The healing oil also treats infected ear piercings, dandruff, ear aches, cold sores, fungal infections, lice, and infections. You also only need to use a very small drop of all-natural tea tree oil to treat a human or pet so it goes a long way!

4) Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is extracted from the fruit (otherwise known as hip) of a rose plant. Rosehip oil should not be confused with rose oil which is derived from rose petals. So remember that rosehip oil and rose oils are completely different!

Rosehip oil is a naturally rich source of essential fatty acids, which are vital for our health and the health of our skin, but our bodies are unable to produce them. Essential fatty acids help to regenerate skin cells and to repair damaged skin tissue. It is these essential fatty acids in rosehip oil that improve dry skin and help to improve the appearance of burns, scars, wrinkles and stretch marks!

Research shows that skin surfaces of people suffering from acne have low levels of linoleic acid and rosehip oil contains this acid. The oil from rose hip also contains retinol. This vitamin A acid is known for its ability to promote collagen, delay skin aging, and help cells regenerate.

Rosehip oil is a must-have oil that can be used for anti-aging benefits, healing for acne and acne scars, stretch mark repair, and to give your skin a natural, beautiful glow!

5) Magnesium Oil

According to World Health Organization less than 60% of adult men and women in the US meet the required level of magnesium in their body. This deficiency in magnesium can be linked to migraines, gastrointestinal issues, inflammation, and other heart and bone diseases. One of the best ways to get more magnesium is through magnesium oil.

Magnesium oil has many surprising benefits. Athletes need adequate magnesium levels to perform at their best and magnesium oil promotes better sports performance and workout recovery. It can also provide migraine relief, diabetes regulation, decreases hypertension, improves sleep, and relieves stress.

You can apply magnesium oil topically through magnesium oil sprays. You just spray them on the affected area for relief. You can also massage magnesium oil in your body to relieve cramps and soreness.

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