solar flare from our sun

Our Sun in HD by NASA

Five years ago, NASA has launched a very sophisticated webcam into space and aimed it at the sun. This space probe or satellite was launched on February 11, 2010 and is called the “Solar Dynamics Observatory” or SDO. The SDO is part of the "Living With a Star" (LWS) program and helps to study the [...]


NASA has never been on back foot when it comes to giving surprises. From supplying images of faraway galaxies to launching space shuttles to planets only heard of in sci-fi stories, NASA truly keeps us hoping for something awesome every day. And now NASA say it’s going to have one more surprise for us this [...]

solar system

With the dubious icy planet finally bidding adieu to the solar system in 2006, researchers are claiming to have to found another planet similar to our previous 9th neighbor Pluto.  Though the planet’s identity and its full conformability as a planet in the solar systems is still under scrutiny, the astronomers who discovered and studied [...]


Virtual reality is not as farfetched a concept as one may think. For instance, ask any sophisticated gamer or a trainee pilot about the term and he will give a far better explanation than most scientists can. Really, that’s how far the virtual reality concept has permeated our lives. But now, the innovation leaders of [...]

black hole 1

What would you think if you were to come across a paper in a renowned scientific journal, claiming that the third law of motion given by Newton was wrong? We're sure you'll be surprised. Then, what would be your reaction, if you came to know that the paper was written by none other than Newton [...]