Striking Flash Nature Beauty

Some wise person once quoted “the sky is the limit”, but let me tell you, in the case of lightning, it is beyond bounds. As lightning strikes, you will notice the striking bolt appearing and disappearing in a matter of a second, you may also notice the color change of the sky from the typical [...]

SETI funding

This infographic "Priorities of the Human Race" created by Microcosmologist gives some food for thought. Perhaps we should rethink our priorities. I don't want to say that the Human race needs to spend all our money on telescopes, but clearly it can be spend better.

Perseids Meteor Shower

The pre-dawn hours of August 11th -13th witnessed some great meteor showers, the most awaited meteor showers of 2013. Sky-gazers across the world sighted the skies getting decorated by Perseids. Their adoration has been gradually increasing year after year, since they have been consistent in offering one of the brightest meteors of all. The Perseids [...]

Sun Magnetic Field Flipped

According to NASA’s estimation, the sun is going to undergo a complete magnetic field reversal. A solar physicist named Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University has reportedly said that “This change in solar magnetic field will have ripple effects throughout the solar system." The sun’s polarity experiences a change in its magnetic field at a regular [...]

Raining Diamonds Neptune Uranus

Scientists believe that our two celestial neighbors Neptune and Uranus might witness diamond rains to such an extent that they are heaped miles above the ground level. They are the two planets that accommodate methane in high proportion. According to much scientific research, high proportion of methane when exposed to high pressure and temperature can [...]