Deep Sea

Shark Attack

Shark attacks are a very dreaded menace in many shores around the world, and people have tried time and again to come up with ways to minimize shark attacks without harming the animal itself. So, a very innovative way has been devised by a group who catch and release potentially dangerous and aggressive sharks off [...]

Cape Wearing Dolphin -1

It is certainly not Bigfoot, but this new addition to the cetacean family is undoubtedly 8 feet long. The newly christened cape wearing dolphin is a member of the humpback family. This category of dolphins is known so because of the hump below their dorsal fin. They generally inhabit the river deltas, estuaries and coastal [...]

Two Headed Dolphin

In the 21st century, people generally assume that we have discovered most of what is there to be seen on this beautiful Earth. The deepest oceans have been explored, the highest mountains climbed - is there anything humans haven’t seen yet? One man in Turkey found out that Nature will always throw up surprises when [...]


Belonging to the phylum Echinodermata and the class Holothuroidea, the sea cucumber is a sea creature. There are about 1100 species of sea cucumber. Physically they do not possess arms or legs and have a mouth with a circle of tentacles around it on one end and an anus at the other. Its elongated body [...]

arthro 1

It is not uncommon for time durations like thousands of millions of years to be associated with fossils that are unearthed across the face of the earth every year. Very recently, images of an arthropod that existed more than 520 million years ago flashed across the cyber sphere, exciting waves of interest among those who [...]