Maggie beat cancer

I am writing this 2nd inspirational and motivational article about those who have proven that Cancer can be conquered. I am sure you must have read my 1st article "5 People who’ve proven that cancer can be conquered". The spread of cancer, reaching pandemic proportions with millions of new victims every year, has spared no [...]


A survivor not a victim A cancer survivor is anyone who has been a victim of any kind of Cancer. With around nine types of Cancer around the globe every one out of five people is a victim of this cruel disease. It is not an easy battle with countless dying from this ailment; it’s [...]


Shocking sea - survival tales have always surfaced out, but not many might match the sheer scariness of what Harrison Okene went through when a boat he was sailing on off the Nigerian Coast got capsized because of a sudden ocean swell in May 2013. He was performing the responsibilities of a cook on the [...]


Look at this tortoise and you will notice that there is something wrong with it. This tortoise got deeply injured due to an infection in its leg after it was abandoned by its former owners. Luckily the tortoise was found by a caretaker and later brought to a team of veterinarians situated in Germany. The [...]

Life Jacket Fish

This adorable and heartwarming story will restore your faith in humanity! This is the story about Einstein, a goldfish, who was named after his ability to learn new tricks and his inherent traits of a fighter. Einstein lost his ability to swim after he developed a rare swim bladder disease. It is a disease that [...]