Whistle Language 1

The form of communication constituting whistles is used by various indigenous people in the world and is termed as whistled languages. The language tends to vary in terms of the tonal nature of the spoken language with the whistling being based either on articulation or tone. In many cases, the tonal languages are stripped of [...]

Two headed baby

In the previous articles, we have already written about some abnormal creatures like two headed snake, 8 legged piglet, 2 headed Dolphin etc and this news is about 2 headed baby. With the rise in radiation levels and exposure to harmful reactants in the air, mutations are becoming much more common of late. Cases of [...]


The gigantic fearsome creatures that dominated the earth millions of years ago have always been a center of fascination for the scientific community. The fossilized remains of dinosaurs have provided useful insights into their structure, function and physiology. Spinosaurus was once known to a giant dinosaur with a characteristic sail like structure standing upright on [...]

Franklin's lost ship

In 1845, the British set off an expedition to explore the Arctic. It was led by Captain Sir John Franklin, an experienced adventurer and officer of the Royal Navy. He had led three expeditions before this, all in the same region. The last one was to the Northwest Passage, where the expedition was lost. 128 [...]

dog and cow’s hybrid

An event that happened in Indonesia three years back rocked the scientific community as it reached a larger audience recently. In 2011, the island of Madura off the northeastern coast of Java saw the births of an extraordinary creature. News of the event reached across the country, with the reactions ranging from repulsion to awe. [...]