Cape Wearing Dolphin -1

It is certainly not Bigfoot, but this new addition to the cetacean family is undoubtedly 8 feet long. The newly christened cape wearing dolphin is a member of the humpback family. This category of dolphins is known so because of the hump below their dorsal fin. They generally inhabit the river deltas, estuaries and coastal [...]

8 legged piglet 1

Hello readers! In the past, we have discussed 2 headed dolphin, 2 headed snake and many others like these. This post is about 8 legged Piglet. The Sichuan province of China was bound in awe in August as an unusual piglet grabbed the headlines. International headlines were taken over by the event as people all [...]

Undated handout photo of Dr. Monge and Dr. Hafford looking at a 6,500-year-old human skeleton, discovered in the basement of the Penn Museum in Philadelphia

In a cartoonish twist of fate, a museum in Pennsylvania has reported to have uncovered a skeleton in its own cellar. This skeleton is reported to be around 6,500 years old, and is thought to have been in storage for 85 of those. The skeleton is said to be extremely rare, and researchers are relieved [...]

Two Headed Dolphin

In the 21st century, people generally assume that we have discovered most of what is there to be seen on this beautiful Earth. The deepest oceans have been explored, the highest mountains climbed - is there anything humans haven’t seen yet? One man in Turkey found out that Nature will always throw up surprises when [...]

Zebra Migration

Can you imagine walking from San Francisco to San Diego every year during the summer? Looks like, when we have been sitting back, revelling in the pride our knowledge and technology, a group of equestrians have been hoofing 311 miles (close to 500Kms) every year for the search of greener pastures, water and less harsher [...]