Here’s the question which everyone must have asked themselves at least once: why, oh why, must we exercise? The answers are numerous, with some being grave, others quite hilarious. Asked about this, our readers claimed reasons as varied as “I snore too much, and I heard exercise helps with that”, “I have no sex life [...]

Coastal pollution

Water pollution is caused by several factors- the unabashed dumping of chemical waste, unintentional dumping of sewage waste, oil spills etc. The harmful pollutants not only disturb the ecosystem of water bodies, but also have adverse effects on human health. The diseases caused by the affected water-bodies depend on the nature of the pollutant. Apart [...]

solar flare from our sun

Our Sun in HD by NASA

Five years ago, NASA has launched a very sophisticated webcam into space and aimed it at the sun. This space probe or satellite was launched on February 11, 2010 and is called the “Solar Dynamics Observatory” or SDO. The SDO is part of the "Living With a Star" (LWS) program and helps to study the [...]

plastic waste

The amount of waste that is getting dumped in the ocean is monumental, but what’s more alarming is the amount of plastic waste that is filling up the water bodies. Despite strict control measures, tons of plastic products are being dumped in the ocean every year, and undoubtedly it’s causing a huge headache for both [...]

impending water crises

It's been quite a few years since the spectre of water scarcity began giving exhibitions of its existence; the worst part is that it has only grown clearer in form and monstrous in proportions. The water crisis debate is no longer limited to the conference rooms of UN and environment care bodies of the globe; [...]