Table Mountain

When traveling to South Africa, these 5 locations and sites should definitely take a place on your ‘Must-See/Must-Do’ list, they are each unique and have their own appeal. So even if only one of the following seems appealing, you will be extremely happy you’ve seen it through. Visit the Table Mountain This landmark is beautiful [...]


The fascinating history of Windsor Castle goes through centuries and it still continues to attract people all over the world. Windsor Castle is not only one of the three residences of the Queen, along with Buckingham Palace and Holyrood Palace, but it also holds the title of the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the [...]


When you think about summer getaways the image that simply pops up in your head is that of a serene landscape, bordered by calm blue waters. However the next thing that dims the idea down is the crowd in the beaches during the summer months. Besides beaches in summer are just so passé. So why [...]

H R Gider Zombies theme bar

"Alcohol: Because no great story ever began with someone eating a salad." Alcohol and stories go hand-in-hand. And for really seasoned tipplers, bars are always looking to outdo each other not only in terms of the service and variety, but also in terms of atmosphere and presentation. Think of themed bars and what fist comes [...]

Monsanto Portugal

Big cities are the stuff that dreams are made of. Everyone wants to make it big in the big city, and everyone wants to see the countries’ biggest, baddest towns when on vacation. But too much big can sometimes get very tiresome. If you're in the mood for a switchover, what you need is the [...]